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Custom Designed Plaques

Custom designed plaques have been around for over 100 years with a variety that is staggering. They range from individual recognition to perpetual recognition and appreciation. The scope includes the simplest plaques with just engraving plates to intricately designed plaques with castings, stamping and etchings. You will award plaques on walls of government agencies, military facilities, corporate offices, schools, state agencies, and religious institutions.
A discussion has to occur between the client and us about their concepts, ideas, & budget. The actual material we use for the plaques will be based on the customer's artwork, rough sketch & budget. Pricing will be based on several factors including quantity, material used, finish applied, and personalization required. If limited information is supplied we will come up with a rough estimate. However if detailed requirements are supplied, then an exact quote will be issued. Of course there are always changes to the artwork and concept which is taken into consideration. We also have to discuss time frames needed by us and the customer.
The majority of plaques we manufacture are wood boards plaques, including genuine walnut, walnut finish, genuine alder plaques, black finish wood plaques, cherry finished plaques, and piano finish rosewood, piano finish black and piano finish walnut. We can supply light color oak and maple. There are significant differences in pricing for each type of wood. Besides wood board plaques, we also offer genuine cast bronze and aluminum plaques for outdoor use. The additional plaque mounts are endless, including stock plaque mounts and custom plaque mounts either cast, etched or stamped. The engraving plates available include brass, and aluminum in various colors. Our method of personalization is laser engraving, sublimation, and silk screening.
Our standard size plaques range from 5 x 7 to 12 x 15. For perpetual plaques, standard sizes are 13 x 20, 16 x 22, 18 x 24, 20 x 26, 24 x 30 and 24 x 36. We can also make larger size boards with an extended delivery time. All the above size are rectangular boards. We also have shield shape boards and can customize any shape needed. The standard thickness on our plaques is . We can make boards up to 1-1/2 thickness. For perpetual plaques we must create a layout before hand, to find out which board size is required for the number of perpetual plates requested.
The finish on the boards range from a matte quality furniture quality, to a piano finish high gloss finish. The imitation wood finish are a simulated wood finish. The finish on the plates include a matte silver or gold, and a satin brass and satin silver finish. plaque trim and accessories have a wide range of finishes and colors.
All plaques come in individual boxes that are pre-fabricated presentation boxes or custom made boxes to hold the specific plaque size. The boxes are designed to make sure the plaque is not damaged in shipping.
After the specific plaque requirements are documented and understood, we will provide you with a quote with the production time. As a general rule the following will be needed to quote the job: Type and size of board, castings type, hardware to be attached to the plaque such as castings and stampings, number and size of perpetual plates if needed,type of plates, quantity needed, and required delivery date.

Example Pricing:
At the time of the quote, specific delivery date requirements are established such as the dates for the pre-production samples, production time, and delivery date.